Vopt 9 release notes

This document describes the latest changes in Vopt 9.

Version 9.21 (product version 9.21.0001)

Update language files.

Correct display anomalies.

Correct minor errors.

Version 9.

Typical defrags finish 10-40% faster.

Improved handling for NTFS sparse files.

Startup files packed together during defrag.

Hiberfile preserved during defrag if not fragmented.

Legend items are active buttons following an analyze.

Usage menu removed (see legend button functions above).

"Quick defrag" and "Defrag (tighter packing)" added to Defrag menu.

Added "Memory dumps" to Status menu and Cleanup dialog.

Cleanup menu removed (functions moved elsewhere).

Cosmetic changes and minor corrections.

Version 9.12

Added Windows' Malicious Software Removal Tool to Health menu.

USN Journal management moved to the Cleanup dialog.

Additions to double byte language support.

Fixed missing labels in some dialogs.

Minor problem fixes.

Version 9.0

Significant changes for Vista (x64) and Windows 7 (x64) compatibility.

Optional packing of restore files at the end of the drive (XP only).

Added compaction of system and application startup files.

Relaxed packing of  FAT32 drives for faster defrags.

Added "Cleanup" checkbox to "Shortcuts" dialog.

New command buttons above the menu bar.

Sundry improvements and fixes.

New installer with greater security for single user installs.

Version 9.08

Fixed a problem causing Drag and Drop to sometimes fail.

Added a "Cleanup" checkbox to the Batch Defrag window.

Added a work-around for a Vista 64 bit problem which crashes Vopt.

Added a work-around for an incompatibility with Stardock WindowBlinds.

Added a work-around for a Vista 64 bit error causing display anomalies during defragging.

Minor fixes.

Version 9.0

Allow metafiles and streams to be excluded.

Added a "Cleanup" checkbox to the Defrag Schedule window.

Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 9.06

Corrected minor problems, including an error introduced in version 9.05.

Version 9.05

Included volume mount points (drives mounted as folders) in the drive list.

File sizes are now reported as size on disk.

Added Compress (or Uncompress) and Encrypt (or Decrypt) to the right-click popup menu in the "Clusters" and "Usage" windows. Encrypted files can be decrypted only by the user who encrypted them. Compressed files will be uncompressed if encrypted.

Minor improvements and fixes. 


Vista - Added code to work around a Vista SP1 error (i.e. "design feature") which prevents defragmenters from moving files larger than 4GB without locking up. If using Vista-- even with this work-around--defragmenting or moving a file larger than 4GB while the drive is being written to by other applications, may fragment the file.

Vista/Windows 2003 - Added "VSS compatible Defrag" command. If Volume Shadow Copy is enabled on Vista or Windows 2003 Server volumes having a cluster size of less than 16KB, normal defragmenting may result in the loss of system restore points if there is insufficient space allocated for system restore. "VSS compatible Defrag" minimizes the number of files moved and the total size of files moved. Files larger than 64 MB are not moved or defragmented. File packing is minimal.

New logic for "Defrag pagefile" command to minimize system restore increase.

Corrected a problem which prevents Analyze/Defrag from running on some systems.

Minor improvements and problem corrections. Minor cosmetic changes.

Version 9.02

Added Hungarian translation.

Accounted for drives with unknown bus type in drive failure prediction routine.

Corrected internal consistency checks which were causing erroneous error reports.

Corrected initial display error on systems with FAT32 boot drives.

Corrected minor errors.

Version 9.0
Doubled maximum partition size to 16 TB (when formatted normally with 4096 byte clusters). For drives formatted with 512 byte clusters (very inefficient!) the maximum is increased to 2 TB.

Added drag and drop.for moving individual files to new disk locations from any  of the "Clusters" or "Usage" windows. Note that this can be used to defragment single files.

Improved defragmentation and packing engines.

Faster free space erase (3X).

Added "Usage" mini-map to status line.

Added "Drive failure prediction" and "Drive performance" functions.

Added "Usn journal mangement" function. The $UsnJrnl metafiles are a database created by the Indexing and Windows Messenger services.  $UsnJrnl can become very large and fragmented and cannot be moved or defragmented.

Added "System information" link.

Added "Trash" to "Status" menu display if.system dump files are detected.

Added "System information" link.

Added new menus to make Vopt's (apparently less used or known) features more accessible. The new Usage menu provides direct access for examining the excluded, fixed, fragmented files, etc.

Map colors now shown for MFT, Pagefile, and hiberfile on initial drive selection (pre-analyze).

Added map color for excluded files. Files can now be excluded from the right-click popup menu in any  of the "Clusters" or "Usage" windows.

Added map color for prefetch files. Prefetch files are the boot and application startup files which are tracked in the Layout.ini file. These are automatically repositioned every three days by Windows. 

Sundry improvements and fixes .